Second Amendment Club of America

Constitution and By-Laws



The name of the club shall be the Second Amendment Club of America, LLC hereinafter referred to as the "Club".


The objects of the Club shall be:

1. To offer people who believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms the opportunity to meet and socialize with likeminded people to pursue recreational and educational activities; and

2. To organize such social, recreational, shooting and educational activities as might be of interest and enjoyment to the members, and

3. To organize such other and further activities as permitted by law to further the interests of the club.


Section 1. Membership. The club shall recognize the following Classes of membership:

A. Voting member – Any United States Citizen or legal resident alien, except that prospective members under age 18 must have the approval of his or her custodial parent(s).

B. Honorary members as appointed and defined by the Board of Directors

Section 2. Dues. The annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors, all other previous class memberships shall be recognized. All paid memberships are renewable on the last day of the month that the member joined with a one month grace period. Any member who has not paid his or her dues by the last day of the grace period will be dropped from the rolls of the club.

Section 3. Acceptation, Rejection and Revocation of Membership.

A-The Chairman of the Membership Committee or his designated representative shall present to the Board of Directors a roster of perspective members. The board by majority vote can accept or reject new applications for any reason. The board may revoke a membership at any time for cause.

B- To be approved for membership a person must be eligible to legally own or possess a firearm, must be a resident of the United States of America, and must be a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association (NRA).


Section 1. Depository. Any bank chosen by the Treasurer which is a member of the FDIC.

Section 2. Signatories. The President and Treasurer shall be signatories; however, only one signature is necessary to sign checks.

Section 3. Spending Authority. The Board of Directors by majority vote shall have the authority to approve expenditures of club funds. The president has authority to spend up to five-hundred dollars without Board approval, any amount above that requires Board approval. Standing Committee shall ask for budget amounts to fund their work, the board must approve all amounts and committee chairpersons shall account to the treasurer all expenditures.


Section 1. The officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers must be members of active membership classification, in good standing with the Club. Officers shall be elected for a term of two years, Normal elections are held at the regular meeting of the club during the month of November in even numbered years, and shall assume office on January 1st.

A. Elections shall be conducted by the President, who shall appoint a nominating committee.

B. Voting in elections shall be by secret ballot, unless a candidate is unopposed, whereas a voice vote may then be taken.

Section2. The duties of the Officers shall be:

A. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Club and its Board of Directors and exercise general supervision over all activities of the Club. The President shall nominate all standing committee chairpersons for approval to the board of directors. The President shall have the power to appoint all special committee chairmen.

B. The Vice President shall assist the President in supervising the activities of the Club, and preside at all meetings in the absence of the President.

C. The Secretary shall be the recording officer of the Club, including meetings of the Club and Board of Directors, and shall keep a record of the minutes of such meetings, making those minutes available to the general membership.

D. The Treasurer shall collect all funds paid to the Club or any of its committees, receipt therefore and deposit same in accounts designated by the Club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making all expenditures by the Club. The Treasurer shall give a report at each regular meeting of the Club regarding receipts, expenditures, and the financial status of the Club.

Section 3. All vacancies of offices shall be filled by majority vote at the next regular meeting of the Club after vacancy becomes known. In the event the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall temporarily assume the office of President until a new President is elected at the next regular meeting.


Section 1. The regular meeting of the Club shall be held at the date, time and location specified, as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Notice may be given by phone, mail or email.


as of: August 2015

Section 2. The regular meeting held during the month of November shall be known as the Annual Meeting of the Club, and shall be for, but not limited to, the election of officers in the even numbered years.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President or by the Board of Directors, or by written request of twenty percent of the Club. At least ten days’ notice must be given and the purpose of the special meeting must be stated in the notice.

Section 4. All those present at a regular meeting shall constitute a quorum, votes shall require a 65% approval.


Section 1. The officers of the Club and all standing committee Chairpersons shall constitute the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Standing committees shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors by a majority of the Board and shall serve until deemed unnecessary by the Board of Directors. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club and fix the time and place for meetings of the Board. The Board shall be subject to the orders of the Club, and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the Club. All votes shall be by majority.

Section 4. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or upon written or electronic request of three members of the board to the President.


Section 1. Committees, standing or special, shall be created by the President with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors as deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Club. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.


The rules contained in "Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised" shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt.


These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote, provided that the vote is not taken at the same meeting that the proposed amendment is made.

Incorporated October 15 2007

Proposed Amendment April 26, 2010

Amended May 24, 2010

Proposed Amendment June 23, 2015

Amended July 28, 2015

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